Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stack of Books or Cake? Cake, silly.

This cake was for my dear sister's 24th birthday who LOVES books. So much that she would rather buy you a book then lend you one of her own and have it looking slightly worn (that's how I own Twilight). My sister didn't always love reading. It wasn't until she read "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" that she fell in love with books. She now owns many many books, several she's never read, and some she refuses to finish, so as to not end a series. So, it seemed very fitting to make her a stack of books cake of her 3 favorite titles.

(inside: rich dark chocolate cake with light whipped ganache and strawberry slices for the filling. It tasted like a chocolate covered strawberry. Milk highly suggested.)

I love you, Taryn. You're one of a kind :)

Happy Birthday Gracie!

It's been a while. I'm really bad at taking nice pictures of my cakes when I'm in a hurry and stressing. So, some of my recent cakes unfortunately were only documented with my trusty iPhone. I'm even worse at blogging about my cakes. I'm a busy woman.

This is Gracie and her doll Julie. Always nice to see the customer with the cake. She loved it!

She was having a Wizards of Waverly Place party. The cake matched the napkins and Wizards of Waverly Place birthday party plates and cups and such. Inside was vanilla cake with a strawberry cream cheese filling.