Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting my name out there

About a month ago I was putting up fliers to promote my business. I wasn't having the best luck finding places to stick em (Universities only allow university related fliers to be posted on campus). In my defeat, I stumbled across a little toy store called Funfinity. I noticed they had cake supplies in the window. I walked in and asked if they would post my flier, and a nice old lady said "We'd love to post your flier!" I wasn't too hopeful about it, seeing as it was so small a store, but it lifted my spirits. About a week after that I received an email from the owner of Sweet Creations, the cake and chocolate supply portion of Funfinity. She had seen my flier and visited my website and really liked what she saw. She then told me that she was opening a retail store in Springville for her Sweet Creations, and would like to feature my cakes in her store.

So, starting April 24th my cakes will be featured in Shay Bee's, Sweet Creations new store front, in Springville. I will be featured along with Cake Couture and Sweet Tooth Fairy, which is some hefty competition, so I need to step up my game. I will also have my cake pops there to be sold. I'm working on a cake display for the Grand Opening on the 24th. I'll post more info as it comes.

I will also be sampling my tasty cakes at a fundraiser for the Salt Lake Chamber Women's Business Center on April 21st. Flier pictured above. There should be a nice spread of yummy things to sample. If you're interested, register by visiting You'll see my name if you click there, too.

So, things are happening. I'm getting my name out there. All this is good. :)


  1. Check out this blog header:
    PS Congratulations

  2. That's awesome Tate. You are legit!