Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Cutest Baby Shower Cake EVER!

Alright, people. I have new and exciting things happening with Tate's Tortes lately, which is causing me to make cakes just for the heck of it. I'll be telling more details soon, but let's focus on the post at hand.

I hosted a baby shower on Saturday for a neighbor of mine, and since I haven't yet been asked to make a baby shower cake, I went ahead and made one for the occasion. As I was looking for inspiration for this cake, I realized there are a lot of cheesy baby shower cakes out there. So, in coming up with a design I was trying to steer clear of that. I think I made it work.

I love the idea of the mama and the papa bird waiting for the egg to hatch.

She's having a boy, so the blue birds seemed appropriate.

Anxious parents. I love it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sheep and the Newspaper

The Women's Business Club (WBC) is a group of women that own their own businesses and come together to network and share what they have to offer. Last week I went to a meeting for the first time. Lucky for me, the Salt Lake Tribune was there, and who do they decide to interview? Me!

It's really a small blurb, but hey, I'm in the newspaper! Click here to view the article.

Today I attended another WBC meeting, this time downtown. I brought a bunch of my Easter cake pops to show. They were a hit! I was up late last night making these and in such a hurry this morning, so the picture was quick. The lambs are a little stuck-up, if you ask me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last Minute Cupcakes

I wasn't going to do anything with these cupcakes because most of them had the same problem as the mini cupcakes a couple days ago. Same batch, same problem. Ya know whatum sayin'? Anyway...
Yesterday I decided to just quickly decorate em.

I love the teal blue (or whatever blue that is) frosting.

P.S. I'm making a new batch of Easter cake pops today. Wouldn't cha know it, people want to see more of em. I'll be posting pics.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cake Bites for Easters

Here are Cake Bites.I decided to go with "bite" instead of "truffle" because I've found a way to make them more cake-y than truffle-y. I love the little boxes! Perfect for Easter baskets, of course.
These are vanilla, but they can be whatever flavor you want them to be. How about Chocolate Easter Malt or Pink Lemonade? Chocolate covered Peanut Butter bites, maybe?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cupcakes gone wrong = some dang cute CAKE POPS!

Right now I'm eating 3/4 cup of Low Fat Cottage Cheese and wishing I could be eating a piece of cake. My husband and I began today what will be 12 weeks of 6 healthy meals a day and working out every morning to hopefully get the six-packs we've always wanted.

So, all these tasty treats I'll be posting about, I will not be eating, unless it's my "free" day.

This past week I wanted to make some extra cute mini-cupcakes for the Easter holiday. I found what looked like a great recipe for a vanilla cake, and it was, until the next morning when this happened:

I haven't yet figured out why my cupcake liners would peel like this. Any ideas? The cake itself was delicious! It is the lightest, airiest vanilla cake I have ever tried. I think I'll call it Vanilla Cloud Cake.

So, I skipped to my fallback plan. Cake pops. These little cuties take some patience, but they're worth it. Inside: the vanilla cloud cake with french vanilla buttercream.

There were a few accidents.

But I think I got the hang of 'em.

I can picture these tucked away in every little tikes' Easter basket this year. Can't you?