Monday, June 28, 2010

Ally's Wedding Cake

My cousin Ally (short for Alejandra) is my favorite cousin. We grew up together. Spent weeks together in the summer at her home in Monroe, Utah. We both praised the two laziest cartoons in cartoon history, Garfield the cat and Homer Simpson. We have so many memories.

She was married on Saturday and asked me to make her cake. I had another cake to do the same day for Tanya, that I had to deliver to Syracuse. Luckily, I was able to deliver that cake in the morning (talking 7am. 1 hour drive.) and head to Ally's wedding later that afternoon down in Richfield. It was a loooong two days. I'm still learning how to organize my time when I have these big projects, and sometimes things go wrong and end up taking a lot of time to fix. So, I didn't really go to sleep on Friday. I took a nap at 9am Saturday morning for an hour and a half. But I'm so happy with how the cakes turned out.

Unfortunately, with all the craziness that caused me to not have time to sleep, I also forgot to find time to take a picture of Tanya's cake. I got one pic with my iphone, but I'm hoping I'll get some better pics from her photographer.
On top of my cousins cake are black ribbon roses. These are easy to do, which is very convenient when the gumpaste flower you made falls apart the minute you are supposed to be leaving for the wedding :).