Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stack of Books or Cake? Cake, silly.

This cake was for my dear sister's 24th birthday who LOVES books. So much that she would rather buy you a book then lend you one of her own and have it looking slightly worn (that's how I own Twilight). My sister didn't always love reading. It wasn't until she read "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" that she fell in love with books. She now owns many many books, several she's never read, and some she refuses to finish, so as to not end a series. So, it seemed very fitting to make her a stack of books cake of her 3 favorite titles.

(inside: rich dark chocolate cake with light whipped ganache and strawberry slices for the filling. It tasted like a chocolate covered strawberry. Milk highly suggested.)

I love you, Taryn. You're one of a kind :)


  1. Oh, Thank you Tatum! Zach's Mom took the cake to her work; and now her Boss wants you to make a cake for him! Everyone loved the look and the taste. I'm so proud of you Tate. :)

  2. This is awesome! How did you replicate the book covers so exactly?

  3. Hi Tate,

    A friend of mine stumbled across your blog post and sent it to me. I'm a young adult writer and lover of young adult books. My name also happens to be Taryn. I rarely see my name anywhere (spelled the same), and written on a cake made out of my favorite books -- unbelievable. I just had to leave a comment on your post.

    You are SO talented and definitely have an amazingly creative gift. This cake is so beautifully detailed that my young son and I are still arguing over whether it's a stack of books or a cake, lol! Thanks for sharing your phenomenal gift and please tell your sister, "hello." It's not often that I meet people with the same name and love for books.

    Cheers! :)
    Taryn Browning
    writing as T.H. Browning