Monday, March 8, 2010

Cupcakes gone wrong = some dang cute CAKE POPS!

Right now I'm eating 3/4 cup of Low Fat Cottage Cheese and wishing I could be eating a piece of cake. My husband and I began today what will be 12 weeks of 6 healthy meals a day and working out every morning to hopefully get the six-packs we've always wanted.

So, all these tasty treats I'll be posting about, I will not be eating, unless it's my "free" day.

This past week I wanted to make some extra cute mini-cupcakes for the Easter holiday. I found what looked like a great recipe for a vanilla cake, and it was, until the next morning when this happened:

I haven't yet figured out why my cupcake liners would peel like this. Any ideas? The cake itself was delicious! It is the lightest, airiest vanilla cake I have ever tried. I think I'll call it Vanilla Cloud Cake.

So, I skipped to my fallback plan. Cake pops. These little cuties take some patience, but they're worth it. Inside: the vanilla cloud cake with french vanilla buttercream.

There were a few accidents.

But I think I got the hang of 'em.

I can picture these tucked away in every little tikes' Easter basket this year. Can't you?


  1. Zach keeps talking about them. They were so tasty! Plus really fun to look at.

  2. OH MY GOSH! Those are just freakin' cute! I absolutely LOVE them!

  3. I make cupcakes too, and me and my husband are doing the body for life thing, just started monday!!!
    I think those are soooo cute!!